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Apr 4, 2018

In this episode, we step away from the daily operations of a trucking company and consider the service side of the industry.

A law firm or a consulting company can play a key role in advising their clients how to make all the right decisions at just the right time.

Dave Osiecki – President of Scopelitis Transportation and Consulting is my guest today.

Dave has led a long and distinguished career in the industry and has earned the respect of his peers all over Washington DC and across the trucking industry.

With previous experience inside the Department of Transportation and the American Trucking Associations, Dave DOES see things from several perspectives, and he’s willing to open up and share those with us.

I sat down with Dave last month in Atlanta GA inside the Georgia World Congress Center who just happened to be playing host to this year’s Annual ATA Technology and Maintenance Council

Dave Osiecki – Scopelitis Transportation and Consulting

Contact: Robert Haag